Featured Staff: Jimmy Simmonds, PT, MPT

Over the past year, Jimmy Simmonds has become a vital and respected member of our therapy team. Jimmy came to Home Therapy from 12 years with Austin Sports Medicine and is a skilled orthopedic therapist. His resume also includes serving as a staff therapist with The Orthopedic Store and was a Clinic Manager for HealthSouth.

Beyond his effective clinical skills, Jimmy is loved by his patients for his ability to communicate in a fashion they understand. Because of his genuine sense of caring and an admired sense of humor, he routinely receives compliments from patients and family members with special requests that he be assigned to them if they need our assistance in the future.

Jimmy received a BS in Biology from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University. He is married to Diana, also a Physical Therapist, and is active coaching the sports teams of his two athletic children.

Home Therapy is a better organization because of Jimmy's involvement. We are pleased that so many of our patients benefit from the person and professional that he is.