Regulatory Compliance

The following comes from the Home Therapy Philosophy Statement:

"We believe in right and wrong. We are embarrassed by the fact that the home care industry has some within it that choose wrong. We, on the other hand, are adamant about doing things the right way. We operate in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. We expect every member of our organization to know and abide by the laws and regulations. We will tolerate nothing less."

To educate our Board of Directors, volunteers and employees about compliance with state and federal laws, rules and regulations and to monitor our compliance with applicable laws, we have a Corporate Compliance Plan. The Plan contains a detailed set of activities that are implemented to promote ethical behavior and to hold individuals and our organizations accountable. The actions include orientation and training, individual pledges, reporting mechanisms for suspected or demonstrated misconduct and procedures for investigating any suspicions or violations.

The Chief Compliance Officer for Home Therapy is Rhonda Kelly. She can be reached at or by calling 512-637-1550 or 800-865-6487.