Caregiver Burden

Home Therapy considers the support of our patients' family and caregivers an integral part of our services and our obligation. The fact is that home health is, by design, short term care. But, the needs of many patients continue to varying degrees depending on the condition and circumstance of the patient. The care for these patients is being done by the "family caregiver". It is estimated that 44.5 million Americans take care of adults. As our population continues to age in place, the number of family caregivers will continue to grow.

Burden of Care

Caregiver burden is defined as the strain or load borne by a person who cares for an elderly, chronically ill or disabled family member or other person. It is the social, emotional, psychological, financial and physical response to the experience of caregiving.

A l992 study by the Carers National Association found that one of every two caregivers had financial burdens and two of every three were ill themselves. Other studies document depression, marital problems, stress, fatigue and social isolation.

Awareness and Support Services

Home Therapy's goal is to help minimize caregiver burden by offering support services. Our support comes in the form of frequent communication and information about the patient's condition and useful instruction on how to care for the patient. We involve our Medical Social Worker early. We provide information on community resources and develop plans for support needs. We do not want to terminate our care and leave the caregiver feeling lost and isolated.

Zarit Burden Scale

Home Therapy administers the Zarit Burden Interview, comprised of 22 questions the caregiver ranks. The Zarit Scale can provide insight into the scope of issues involved in assessing the impact of caregiving and serves as a starting point in addressing issues of concern.

Please Contact Us

If you have a patient with a caregiver that you think would benefit from Home Therapy's attention to caregiver support, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to work with the family.