Home Therapy of Austin is an in-home provider of
clinical and support services for seniors.

We take a focused approach to our care meaning we deliver care designed for the specific needs and desires of the patient and family and in coordination with the patient’s physician. Our patient-centered focus, with the patient involved in the care planning, has led us to specialize in issues of most concern to older adults such as fall prevention, medication management, chronic disease management - and to addressing the gaps we see in care and gaps in expertise as demonstrated in our Palliative Care services dedicated to reduce the burden of serious or chronic illness.

Most of all, we are a values-driven organization. We work every day to be an Agency known as much for our integrity as for our nationally recognized clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. We invite you to call us at any time for more information. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. Our number is 512-637-1550.


Meet our staff

Jenni Demske, DPT, PT is an excellent example of the caliber of therapists that comprise our team. Jenni brings a strong history working with geriatrics, with post-surgical patients and with patients with orthopedic conditions. She also has...
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